WalkingFit is stopping classes for 2 weeks starting March 17, 2020 to help do our part in not spreading the Coronavirus. We still
recommend you get outside and walk and get some fresh air. However please remember to stay at least 6 feet away from other people even if you do not have symptoms. We look forward to seeing you all fit and healthy in the spring session.

 Spring Session 

Early Bird special – $200.01 only until March 21, 2020

Tuesday March 31  – Saturday June 20

Spring Package – 12 weeks

Spring Package includes UNLIMITED WalkingFit & BodyFit classes

  • Spring Session Early Bird    –    $200.01 ($177.00 plus $23.01 HST) payment by March 21, 2020
  • Spring Session Regular           –  $216.96 ($192.00 plus $24.96 HST) payment from March 22, 2020
  • Spring Novice classes           – $22.60 ($20.00 each plus $2.60 HST) PER CLASS – April 4 & April 18
  • Single class passes**          –    $22.60 ($20.00 each plus $2.60 HST)

**If purchased in advance these passes must be used within the current session. No carry-overs.

  • Private one hour class    –   $56.50 ($50.00 each plus $6.50 HST)

NOTE:  If you are new to power walking, you are welcome to come out and try a class for free in Oakville before joining.  You will be required to sign a waiver before the class starts.

***Coronavirus – COVID-19.  WalkingFit is fortunate that the programs offered are all outside.  However if this disease progresses there is the possibility of mandatory quarantine or something similar.  Any WalkingFit client signed up for the Spring 2020 Session can be assured we will either prorate a refund or prorate a credit if the Government of Canada issues a mandatory stop to outside activity.***

Wednesdays for 8 weeks only (April 29 – June 17)

Oakville North-West Class meeting at Starbucks, 2983 West Oak Trail Blvd., Oakville

  • Spring Session (8 weeks)    –   $140.12 ($124.00 plus $16.12 HST)

NOTE:  if you are registered for the full 12 week session, this class is included in your UNLIMITED WalkingFit & BodyFit classes

Please feel free to contact Karen at karen@walkingfit.ca or Gillian at gillianniblett@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Payment can be made by way of  cheque payable to WalkingFit Inc, or e-transfer to either Karen or Gillian.