Saturday January 4 – Saturday March 28, 2020

Tuesday6:00 am60 minsBodyFit at Knox Presbyterian Church, 89 Dunn St., Oakville
Tuesday9:00 am60 minsTims Hortons, Maple Grove Village, 511 Maplegrove Dr., Oakville
Tuesday7:00 pm60/90 minsIroquois Ridge Community Centre, 1051 Glenashton Dr, Oakville
Thursday6:00 am60 minsBodyFit at Knox Presbyterian Church, 89 Dunn St., Oakville
Friday9:30 am90 minsFarm Boy Plaza, 1907 Ironoak Way, Oakville
Saturday7:15 am90 minsStarbucks at Wholefoods Plaza, 301 Cornwall Rd., Oakville

WalkingFit offers strength training as well as 3 categories of power walking classes – Novice, Intermediate, and Specialist.  These categories are designed to suit members’ abilities and interest but we encourage everyone to attend whatever classes suit their lifestyle.All of our classes are outside and offer a low impact cardio workout for all levels of fitness.

Novice – This level is designed for anyone new to  power walking, recovering from an injury, or looking for a less intense version of our traditional class.   These are 60-90 minute classes that start with 15 minutes of warm-up and stretching followed by 30 minutes working on power walking form interspersed with strength exercises and an introduction to intervals.  During that time you will walk approximately 5-6 km.   Note: not offered during Summer Session

  Intermediate – This level is designed for the seasoned power walker or anyone interested in a more challenging class than the novice level.  These are 60-90 minute classes that include hill     training and may include some track work while building on the skills learned in the novice class.  During this class you will walk approximately 7-8 km.

BodyFit is a strength training class using resistance bands, light weights and body weight.  This will be a 60 minute class that will provide strength, core and balance exercises to complement the power walking program.  All classes will be held outdoors.  These classes are included in the WalkingFit membership or can be purchased individually at $20 each.

Specialist – WalkingFit offers specialty classes in addition to our membership classes. These include guest presentations, retreats, stretching and race preparation classes.  If you are interested in any of the above, checking the Events page will keep you informed on upcoming events. Note: there will be a small additional fee for these classes

“Get Walking –   Create a more vital, calmer, happier you.”  – Anonymous