We are Speed Walkers!

Coaches Karen & Gillian cross the Bixby Bridge at Big Sur, California

WalkingFit   was established in 2017 by two enthusiastic and experienced speed walkers who want to share their passion with others for staying fit while having fun.

Speed walking is an alternative to running, offering a high cardio workout that puts less stress on joints, therefore reducing risk of injury. 

  • Speed walking is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 
  • Speed walking is a cost effective fitness regime.  
  • Speed walking classes are coached by certified fitness trainers.

Whether you are new to speed walking or are a seasoned walker, WalkingFit has classes for you.

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photo op during class

Based in Oakville, Ontario, WalkingFit is led by two coaches with over 20 years of combined speed walking experience.  Together with a dedicated team of expert coaches their goal is to inspire, motivate and encourage you to achieve your goals every step of the way.

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Karen is a very knowledgeable and inspiring coach. She challenges us to push our personal boundaries. As a result we feel more accomplished and achieve greater fitness. She is very aware of individual limitations and will tailor exercises to suit one’s needs.  Although Karen ensures that we are working to our potential, she also makes the workouts enjoyable.


I have power walked with Karen for over ten years, the last seven with her as coach. She is one of the most encouraging and compassionate people I have ever met. She inspires walkers of all levels to do their best. Anyone, and everyone, would benefit from her guidance…..I know that I have. I was drawn to power walking over a decade ago, as a way of maintaining fitness, with less physical wear and tear than running, and I’m here to stay. Just try it!

Rick I.

Gill took me through the basics of race walking patiently and thoroughly. She was keen to stress that I must go at my own pace and explained and demonstrated, in a way that was easy to understand, the physics of the sport. She is an inspiration.


Walking Fit truly brings out the best in people and has opened my eyes up to a whole new world. The coaching is always motivating and brings together an inspiring and motivating group of people. Most important, my fitness level has improved and I feel fantastic!


I’ve been walking with Karen and Gillian for more than five years:

  • I’m continually impressed with their ease in coaching a group of individuals at various levels of fitness and ability.
  • All the WalkingFit coaches share the same infectious spirit of enthusiasm and camaraderie.
  • They’re always coming up with fresh ideas to make the classes both fun and challenging.